Q & A on Reorganization at BVDC

Current members of the BVDC hope that local Democrats will attend the 2017 Reorganization and become members or renew their membership. We especially need new members at this time. If you are a voter in Bristol Virginia who wants to work with us, please come and take part in the Reorganization. It is at this local level that you can have the most effect in local, state, and national politics. New members will be eligible to be nominated as committee officers in January and to apply as delegates to state and national conventions where future nominees for office are elected.

Here is information on exactly what the Reorganization is and how it works:

  1. What is the Reorganization? In local Democratic committees, the Reorganization Caucus, a mass meeting where old memberships are renewed and new members are accepted, happens every two years. New officers will be elected at the next regular committee meeting, in January of the new year, or if time is available and nominations are ready, at a called meeting immediately following the Reorganization Caucus.
  2. What is special about this particular Reorganization? The new and continuing members and officers elected will serve during 2018-2019, will be on board for the presidential election year activities, and will be able to apply to represent the committee at the state and national conventions.
  3. What if I am not a Democrat? You do not have to be (or become) a member of the BVDC or any Democratic Committee to be a Democrat. In Virginia, it is impossible for you to be a registered Democrat, because voter registration is not by party affiliation. We understand you to be a Democrat if you believe as we do in human rights, economic justice, equality under the law, education, health insurance and health care, gender equality, conservation and environmental issues, and several other important issues related to how government is supposed to work for people. As the BVDC, we represent at local, regional, state, and federal all people who share our perspective in these issues who reside in our city. You don’t have to agree with us on everything, and we sometimes have lively discussions among ourselves on the issues. However, as a group, we have respect for people, data, science, history, and government that works for people. You are welcome to join, or just to visit, contribute, and work with us for these important shared goals.
  4. How can I get the details and participation form? Read, download, and submit the Participation form or attend the Caucus. Read the details here: Call to Caucus and the Participation form
  5. When is the Reorganization? It will be at the Bristol Virginia Courthouse, 497 Cumberland St., Bristol, Virginia. The location is ADA accessible. Registration begins at 6:00 p.m. Doors will close at 6:30 p.m., but all persons standing in line to register at 6:30 will be admitted for registration.
  6. What will happen at the Reorganization? Democrats residing in Bristol Virginia will come to the meeting, fill out a registration form, introduce themselves, and be voted in as members of the BVDC. After members are elected, the agenda for the January meeting will be distributed and the Reorganization Caucus will be adjourned. You can download the Caucus Temporary Rules and Agendas. The rules and agendas are temporary, and may be amended at the caucus by the newly-elected members before becoming the permanent Rules and Agendas.
  7. Who is invited to the Reorganization? All Democrats who registered to vote in Bristol Virginia are invited and encouraged to attend. (You can register to vote at City Hall, 300 Lee St, Bristol Virginia. Go in the front door and turn left, and you will see the window of General Registrar Penny Limburg’s office. Go to the window, and someone will assist you with voter registration.)
  8. What does the BVDC do? We have regular monthly business meetings, at which voting members are expected to attend. We also have a monthly social at the State Line Bar and Grill on State Street,attended by Democrats from Tennessee and surrounding Virginia locations along with BVDC members and friends. We have a monthly breakfast at the Golden Corral in Bristol, where guests and visiting speakers are invited. We open a local headquarters during presidential election years, make phone calls to voters, distribute literature, set up a booth at Border Bash, participate in Ninth Congressional District, State, and national party events and initiatives, and work together to keep up with the issues, find people who are interested in running for elected office, and help Democrats get elected to office.
  9. How can I find out more about the BVDC? Visit our Facebook page (“Bristol Virginia Democratic Committee”), or attend Reorganization or any announced meeting, social, or breakfast, using dates available on our Calendar. You can place your name on our e-mail newsletter distribution by sending a request to bvdccalendar@gmail.com.

Author: Sarah Williams

website manager.

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