The Bristol Virginia Democratic Committee is a service website for members and friends. Anyone is invited to comment, and comments are moderated for civility and appropriateness.

We reserve the right to publish, respond to, and comment upon any comment that is submitted, in full or in part, or to reject comments that are not in keeping with the community spirit of the page. Comments with advertising are not permitted in most cases, although we will post fundraisers and activities that the Committee supports.

Posts by guest writers are invited, and must be submitted by e-mail to BVDCCalendar@gmail.com. Such posts will be credited to the writer, and authorship will be confirmed, but no payment will be made. Obvious grammatical and structural problems may be corrected, but the writer retains responsibility for the content of submitted material. Please check your facts before submitting. Guest writers will appear in the regular progression of posts. Please allow time for editing and posting!

This site is maintained by Sarah Williams.

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