We are the party of acceptance. The Democratic Party supports rights for every individual regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, education level, disability or income.

We believe in affordable reliable health care for everyone, the value of teachers and schools, protecting Social Security, reproductive rights, civil rights, stewardship of the environment, inclusion of young people in the political process, fiscal responsibility, and equal justice for all.

We recruit candidates and organize activities in support of candidates for public office, conduct the nomination process for Democrats in the city of Bristol Virginia, work at the polls, help people register to vote, encourage voter turnout on election days, provide transportation to the polls, and assist voters who are disabled or homebound.

We welcome participation in Committee and sponsored activities.
The Bristol Virginia Democratic Committee extends a welcome to Bristol Virginia residents and invites you to become involved in the political process that shapes our lives as citizens of a democracy. We work to elect local, state, and national leaders who are committed to inclusion, equal justice, opportunity, and fiscal responsibility. We also work cooperatively with regional non-partisan groups who share our concerns.

Regular meetings:
We meet regularly on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Bristol Virginia Courthouse. Visitors who are interested in participating or joining are welcome to attend. Send e-mail to BVDCCalendar@gmail.com to express interest or to be included in notices of regular meetings, breakfasts, and events. To join us, or to just be a part of our activities, come to one of our meetings, contact us through this web page, or like us on Facebook.

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