Ralph Northam on This Week in Richmond

Important comments on the job of Lt. Governor – Medicaid Expansion, transportation, education and all of the important issues before Virginia in the coming years:

Medicaid expansion moves forward for most states

A key provision of Obamacare is Medicaid expansion, expanding the range of persons eligible for Medicaid to low income individuals and families. States have the option to participate or not participate. The entire cost of this expansion is paid by the federal government for the first four years, essentially pumping money into the state’s economy to raise the standard of living for those who need it most by providing health care.

The money will not go to the poor or low income individuals. It will go to doctors, hospitals, and providers of health care both direct and indirect. Jobs will be created in medical and related fields. The low-income people will get to go to the doctor when they are ill. Even so, some states are opting out. On the map below the poverty belt across the southeast, from North Carolina to Texas is clearly visible. Virginia is leaning toward joining this group, and Tennessee is still undecided.

Texas, with 26.3 % uninsured, Georgia and Oklahoma, each with with 21.9 % uninsured, Mississippi with 21% uninsured are opting out. These are four of the ten states with the highest percentage of uninsured people. Five of the ten are opting in: Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, and California. The tenth of this group of states, Alaska, is still undecided.

This map shows where each state stands, and is interactive so you can check on your state:

Where the States Stand

Via: The Advisory Board Company

Cuccinelli has consistently put his own political interests ahead of Virginia children and taxpayers

As Ken Cuccinelli moves from full-time to part-time Attorney General while still drawing his full-time salary, it is arguable that perhaps he can do less harm if he is on the job for fewer hours. But keep in mind that he is using his time away from work to campaign to be Governor of Virginia, where he will expand his influence. He has already wasted Virginia taxpayers’ money and time closing down women’s clinics with useless requirements, suing the federal government over Obamacare, and pursuing a UVA professor to silence research on climate change. Now he is pursuing his political goals on the clock in a whole different way: Virginians are paying him to be Attorney General while he campaigns to be Governor. In this video he is 40 minutes late for a meeting in the interest of Virginia children and schools, out campaigning when he should be taking care of business:

Ken Cuccinelli has not served us well as Attorney General, he is now drawing full-time pay and working part time, and he would not do us any good as Governor.

Brian Moran statement on arrests in Richmond

Brian Coy, brian@vademocrats.org
March 5, 2012

McDonnell Set the Stage for Capitol Arrests – Democratic Party of Virginia Chairman Brian Moran released the following statement today following a peaceful demonstration over the weekend at the Virginia Capitol that ended in numerous protesters being taken into custody by heavily armed Capitol Police Officers.

The protesters gathered on taxpayer-funded property to protest Bob McDonnell’s plan to sign legislation that would force an unnecessary ultrasound on Virginia women before she can undergo an abortion. Moran said:

Watching riot police with helmets and shields march through peaceful protesters on the steps of Mr. Jefferson’s Capitol is a particularly vivid reminder of how far this Commonwealth has fallen in just the few short weeks since Bob McDonnell and his party took total control over Virginia’s state government.

This should not be about the Capitol and State Police who responded to the protesters, it should be about the Republican politicians whose radical agenda created the environment for this unfortunate situation to arise.

Instead of solving the problems Virginians are facing, this Governor and his radical majorities have led us on an extreme rightward course. The severity of that agenda has left thousands of citizens with no recourse other than to march on the building they pay for and to which they send representatives to conduct their business.

While I cannot say whether or not the Governor authorized or had knowledge of this weekend’s regrettable arrests, there is no question that this unfortunate situation could have been avoided by a leader with the courage to resist the extreme elements of his own party and focus on making life better for Virginia families. We can only hope our next Governor will be such a leader.


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