Reorganization in December

The Bristol Virginia Democratic Committee will caucus for reorganization this December, with date and time to be announced soon. Here are a few notes about reorganization:

  • Reorganization occurs every two years, in odd numbered years.
  • New and returning members are voted into membership for the following two years. Those who are currently members, along with registered voters in Bristol, may turn in applications for membership. The application has directory information (name, address, phone, contact information, and voting precinct) along with a statement that the applicant is a Democrat, is registered to vote in Bristol Virginia, and does not intend to support any candidate who is running against a Democrat in the upcoming election.
  • All who turn in an application are members of the Caucus. Caucus members have an allotted time to introduce themselves based on the number of applicants present. The Caucus members then vote to accept members for 2020-2021.
  • The Caucus is adjourned, and newly-elected committee members (returning and new) are called to order as the Bristol Virginia Democratic Committee, for the purpose of electing officers.
  • The committee decides whether to elect officers or to set a date in January for the election of officers.
  • The business being completed, the committee adjourns.

A Call to Caucus will be published on this web page explaining in greater detail how the caucus is conducted, how votes are taken, etc., and providing application forms.

Any registered voter in Bristol Virginia who is a Democrat is invited to attend the Caucus and apply for membership. Watch for the publication of the Call, and come out to the Caucus.



Author: Sarah Williams

website manager.

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