Ninth District Congressional Primary Candidates Certified

I was happy to be one of several Democrats from around the Ninth District who met at the Highlands Democratic Resource Center in Abingdon to count petition signatures for Anthony Flaccavento and Justin Santopietro, who will be on the ballot in the June 12th Democratic Primary in the Ninth District, which includes Bristol Virginia, and most of Southwest Virginia. This is the first Democratic Congressional Primary in the Ninth District in my long memory!

The news release on the Ninth District website says, and I can personally verify, that both candidates have been reaching out to voters across the district for months, and that it is apparent that people are recognizing the genuine care they have for folks in the district and the serious issues we face.

Democrats across the Ninth are energized and excited about these candidates! I hope that you can come out and meet them and get to know them if you have not already. Check out our April calendar newsletter that will be posted tomorrow for opportunities to meet the candidates. If you want to be included in notifications on the calendar, meetings and candidate visits, send e-mail to


Author: Sarah Williams

website manager.

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