Request a yard sign!

No doubt you have seen yard signs springing up in your neighborhood, and now is the time to support your candidate for election November 4, 2014. Yard signs help with name recognition and show your support for your candidate.

Kelly Flannagan Duffy is Bristol’s own candidate for Circuit Court Clerk, and will be on the ballot in Bristol only.  We hope that many Bristol Virginia voters will show their support for Kelly with a sign in their yard, and we will come out and place one for you upon your request. 

Senator Mark Warner is seeking re-election, and will be on the ballot throughout the Commonwealth. We have three different signs for him, and will distribute these as long as we have them.

To have one of these signs placed in your yard in Bristol, Virginia, contact The Bristol Virginia Democratic Committee.

We will place both Duffy and Warner signs for Bristol residents. If you are a Virginia voter near Bristol but not a Bristol resident, you may pick up a Mark Warner sign as long as we have them. We expect that they will all be claimed soon! If you have a particular favorite of the three designs, get your request in quickly!

Author: Sarah Williams

website manager.

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