Call to Caucus – an invitation to membership

Every odd-numbered year the Bristol Virginia Democratic Committee reorganizes – electing new and returning members and officers. At this time particularly we invite new members into the committee. The new tab on the menu, “Call to Caucus,” is an invitation to each and every Democrat in Bristol to join our committee and work with us to elect Democrats. Please read the Call, and come out to the caucus at the courthouse in Bristol Virginia on December 9th at 7:00 p.m.

We are the local organization associated with the Democratic Party and representing Bristol at state and national Democratic Party conventions and events. We hold regular meetings and social events, greet voters on State Street at Border Bash each summer, and campaign for Democratic candidates for local, state, and national office. In presidential election years, we set up a headquarters so that voters can stop in and pick up information and campaign signs, posters, etc. In addition, we select local delegates to represent Bristol at the Ninth Congressional District Convention and Ninth CD committees, the State Convention of the Democratic Party of Virginia, and the Democratic National Convention. Our delegates attend these conventions and participate in nominating candidates and approving the party platform, resolutions, and governing documents. Here in Bristol we distribute sample ballots at the precincts on election day, observe the process of voting and counting votes, and sponsor events with candidates.

We have four officers, including a chairperson, a vice chair, a secretary, and a treasurer. In addition we have an assistant treasurer, a parliamentarian, and a membership officer. Our voting membership is small, eight (8) members representing the precincts of Bristol, Virginia, six (6) at-large members, and a few ex officio members who are also voting members. We like to have at least two voting members from each of the four Bristol precincts. The members listed here can by majority vote add additional at-large members, so the voting membership can grow to more than 14 members.

Our regular calendar of events is available on the “calendar” tab. We invite you to explore these pages, to find us on Facebook using the link to your right on this page, and join us on December 9th in Bristol for the reorganization caucus. Any Democrat in Bristol Virginia who is registered to vote in Bristol is encouraged to attend the caucus, complete the Caucus Participation Form, and vote in the reorganization.

Author: Sarah Williams

website manager.

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