Cuccinelli has consistently put his own political interests ahead of Virginia children and taxpayers

As Ken Cuccinelli moves from full-time to part-time Attorney General while still drawing his full-time salary, it is arguable that perhaps he can do less harm if he is on the job for fewer hours. But keep in mind that he is using his time away from work to campaign to be Governor of Virginia, where he will expand his influence. He has already wasted Virginia taxpayers’ money and time closing down women’s clinics with useless requirements, suing the federal government over Obamacare, and pursuing a UVA professor to silence research on climate change. Now he is pursuing his political goals on the clock in a whole different way: Virginians are paying him to be Attorney General while he campaigns to be Governor. In this video he is 40 minutes late for a meeting in the interest of Virginia children and schools, out campaigning when he should be taking care of business:

Ken Cuccinelli has not served us well as Attorney General, he is now drawing full-time pay and working part time, and he would not do us any good as Governor.

Author: Sarah Williams

website manager.

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