George Allen criticizes… George Allen’s poor leadership

July 11, 2012
Ashley Bauman

Richmond, VA – Yesterday, on a radio show based in his home state of California, former Senator George Allen discussed the impending sequestration cuts that his budget-busting fiscal recklessness helped necessitate, calling them “another example of poor leadership.”

“Poor leadership?” We’re pretty sure George Allen knows a thing or two about that.

“Poor leadership” is driving up the nation’s deficits and debt like Allen did as Senator and then leaving future leaders to clean up your mess.

“Poor leadership” is digging in your heels and calling for Republicans to use the debt crisis as “leverage” like Allen did when countless members of both parties – including Governor Bob McDonnell and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – have called for compromise.

“Poor leadership” is contributing to the downgrade of the nation’s credit rating like Allen did by refusing to stand up for a bipartisan agreement to pay for the spending he voted for in the first place.

“Poor leadership” is pointing your finger at others for political gain like George Allen has done instead of taking responsibility for the fiscal recklessness that helped run up our debt in the first place.

“Poor leadership” is maxing out the nation’s credit card like Allen did in the Senate and then complaining about the cuts that resulted in an effort to deal with his runaway spending.

Despite his blame-shifting rhetoric, George Allen had six years to put this country on a better fiscal path and he wound up making this worse. Virginians can’t afford to trust him with another six. ###

Author: Sarah Williams

website manager.

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