Brian Moran statement on arrests in Richmond

Brian Coy,
March 5, 2012

McDonnell Set the Stage for Capitol Arrests – Democratic Party of Virginia Chairman Brian Moran released the following statement today following a peaceful demonstration over the weekend at the Virginia Capitol that ended in numerous protesters being taken into custody by heavily armed Capitol Police Officers.

The protesters gathered on taxpayer-funded property to protest Bob McDonnell’s plan to sign legislation that would force an unnecessary ultrasound on Virginia women before she can undergo an abortion. Moran said:

Watching riot police with helmets and shields march through peaceful protesters on the steps of Mr. Jefferson’s Capitol is a particularly vivid reminder of how far this Commonwealth has fallen in just the few short weeks since Bob McDonnell and his party took total control over Virginia’s state government.

This should not be about the Capitol and State Police who responded to the protesters, it should be about the Republican politicians whose radical agenda created the environment for this unfortunate situation to arise.

Instead of solving the problems Virginians are facing, this Governor and his radical majorities have led us on an extreme rightward course. The severity of that agenda has left thousands of citizens with no recourse other than to march on the building they pay for and to which they send representatives to conduct their business.

While I cannot say whether or not the Governor authorized or had knowledge of this weekend’s regrettable arrests, there is no question that this unfortunate situation could have been avoided by a leader with the courage to resist the extreme elements of his own party and focus on making life better for Virginia families. We can only hope our next Governor will be such a leader.


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