Restructuring our web presence

The Bristol Virginia Democratic Committee will be renovating in the next couple of weeks to make our web presence more friendly and accessible.

Here is what is happening:

  • Posts that have been published on this blog have all been written by Sarah Williams. If you are looking to reference any of those posts, they have moved to a permanent home at Life in the Third Layer. They have retained their titles, posting dates, and comments.
  • Announcements of activities and occasional changes to regular meeting times will be posted on our Facebook page. Click “like” there to receive notification on your Facebook wall of our events, activities, and meetings, or use the links on our Contact tab above to be included in our e-mail distribution list.
  • This blog will have an occasional post, but will remain our useful source of links to connect our members and friends to resources and to assist interested people in the community who want to find our contact information.

This post is open for comment by friends and members, and you may also let us know what you are thinking about by leaving a post or comment on our Facebook wall!

Thank you for your patience as we redecorate!

Author: Sarah Williams

website manager.

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